Amy's trophy Norther Pike

Fishing at Deepwater Bay

Deb's 7# Walleye

As you scroll through this page you'll notice which gender catches most of the big ones!!

The Deepwater Bay Bed & Breakfast is located on Deepwater Bay, known as one of the finest Walleye and Salmon fishing destinations on Lake Sakakawea.  When the lake level is high you can drive a boat to within 200 yards of the ranch and walk to your accommodations, and the boat ramp is directly across from our facilities.  When the level is lower, it is a 4 or 5 mile drive to the low water boat ramp which is still in the bay.  We are always up-to-date on where to go for the best action. Your host, Arlen Gilbertson, will give you directions and tips on where and how to get those Walleyes, Northern Pike, and Salmon, or we can line you up with one of our local guides. 

While June and July are the peak months for fishing activity here, our season has extended from early March when the huge "ice out" Northern Pike are biting, until freeze-up in the fall when the whopper Walleyes go on a feeding binge.

Both state resident and non-resident fishing licenses are available at the ranch. Come, join us and experience Lake Sakakawea's best Walleye fishing!




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Ronna's cousin Lars had a lot of fun with this huge Northern Pike....took the picture and put it back for you to catch



The first guests of the 2004 season get into the act on the second day and come in with a dozen in the 6-8 pound range, four eating size, and a Northern Pike that opted to stay out of the picture.....what will they do tomorrow to top this??


Your hosts get into the action in July, 2004 as Arlen nets a 6 pound Walleye that Ronna has hooked



The ND Game & Fish Department nets and tags a few fish to monitor their movement and enlarging the picture, you can read the number on the tag


Notice the tag on its backline...check the weight, take a picture, and put it back for someone else to catch



 Ronna's cousin Kent displays one of the nice Walleyes he caught this beautiful day in July, 2006.... he is part of the group in the next lower left picture




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Lar's Group fluctuates from 10 to 15 members each year... as you can see they know how to fish



The Zimmerman Group has also been coming for many years and they also have had great success




Us guys don't care to admit it, but when there is a woman in the boat it seems she has all the luck.  The photos below show what happens when Omaha John takes his wife Omaha Amy fishing.  She always takes a good book along to pass the time during those dull intervals while he is dutifully fishing.

She just happened to snag this Chinook Salmon


And a couple of dandy Walleyes




And a Northern Pike as big as she is



Her guide and husband John gives Walleye filleting lessons to Kate from Russia

Val is another one who catches the nice fish even though she would rather be golfing... doesn't mess with live bait either... queen of the crankbaiters 



Mega-pounds of Mega-fillets.......Some great Walleye eating ahead





The spring of 2006 we started getting inquiries from fishermen needing accommodations while they fished through melting, rotten ice for trophy Northern Pike.  We ended up with 4 or 5 groups in March who caught many Northern PIke over 20 pounds.

Over 26 pounds and 47"... only thing bigger is the smile!!

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This is not a short man....just a long fish



Coming back in March 2007 to get this guy's big brother




We have a fish cleaning station for our guests.... all we ask is that you clean it up and dispose of the fish remains in a designated cultivated field which may mean a short drive for one of the group

Arlen starts the cut to remove a fillet from one side of a nice Walleye



Flip that piece back over the tail and keep running the knife between the skin and the meat to remove the fillet


After the second fillet is removed from the other side, the remains go through the hole in the table into a pail.... no electricity in this knife as I still prefer the old fashioned sharp flexible blade



After de-boning and zipping the "mud line" out, the fillets are ready for the hot oil to become one of the finest eating experiences you will ever have





Dean made this picture taking station in memory of Ronna's Uncle Luverne who has caught a lot of  Walleyes like these




Deepwater Bay Fishing Pictures

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