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Ekaterina Beloborodova (Katya) contacted us via e-mail in April of 2003 after finding our website while searching for potential employers in the upper mid-west.  She was participating in the "Work & Travel USA Work Exchange Program" which is only for university students.  After working for us the summer of 2003 she returned home where she finished her last year of university in Kurgan, Russia, which is in western Siberia just east of the Ural mountains, and is almost exactly on the "other" side of the world with their day starting eleven hours before ours.  Katya graduated in the spring of "04" with a major in English and a minor in German.  Having never hired anyone to work fulltime, we were somewhat apprehensive about proceeding with a job offer.....especially to someone halfway around the world but we decided to give it a try, as she spoke impeccable, unaccented mid-western English.  Katya immediately worked her way into our hearts, and by the time she had worked the allotted four months she had become part of the family.  We left April 23, 2004 for Siberia to visit Katya and her family as well as Marina who is her best friend, and another Katya, Katya Postovalova, who would be coming to work for us in the summer of 2004.  Marina would also visit us in the fall of 2004 after working for her second year at a special needs camp in Missouri.  We spent two weeks in Russia, living and touring with friends from that country instead of an organized tour!!!  After returning home May 9 we found that the world was now smaller and we will remember the wonderful people and experiences for the rest of our lives.  What an ending to an unexpected e-mail from the other side of the world!!!

2006 Update on Katya......Katya had met a young man, Bill Zimmerman, who is a good friend of ours just before returning home in the fall of 2003.  After an e-mail/phone correspondence for over a year, Bill traveled to Kurgan to meet Katya's family in early 2005.  Subsequently, they made plans for Katya to come back over to North Dakota in early 2006.  They were married in March with a wedding reception at Deepwater Bay Bed & Breakfast, and they are now living in Minnesota where Bill is employed at a power plant.  Soooo...further implications to an unexpected e-mail from the other side of the world!!!

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Posing at the driveway

Arlen, Katya, & Ronna by the fresh baked goodies shortly after arriving


I worked inside!

And I worked outside!!

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Picked strawberries with Ronna


But I didn't work all of the time!!

Took in the White Shield Powwow


Tried a hat on at the ND State Fair


Ronna taught me to wheat weave


And I gave her a surprise Birthday party


Above the treeline on a trip to Montana in August

They gave me a surprise Birthday party

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Snickers & Lucky came to my party

And Bea gave me a tour of the ranch

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With Arlen and Ronna at Painted Canyon overlook in ND badlands by Medora


Looking down at the stage of the outdoor amphitheatre of the Medora Musical

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Ronna and I riding the escalators down to our seats

Arlen, Ronna, and I waiting for the show to start

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I fell in love with Luck & he with me

He still misses me & I miss him!!

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Never touched a steering wheel until I came here....now I have a ND driver's permit!!

With happy bowhunters from Michigan


Leaving my new "family" to go home







A note from Katya

When my friends and I, as participants of the "Work and Travel Summer 2003" exchange program were searching for potential employers, everyone seemed to be looking for a place somewhere in big cities along the Atlantic or the Pacific coast. I knew that was not what I wanted.

When I first looked at Arlen and Ronna's website, I knew right away that was exactly the place I had been looking for, so inspite of my program coordinator telling me that B and B's don't usually hire people and that I shouldn't even bother, I decided to try.  I sent them an e-mail and followed it up with a phone call.. I am sure happy I did! Working at Deepwater Bay Bed and Breakfast is one of the greatest and most unforgettable experiences I have ever had in my life. Thank you so much, Arlen and Ronna!



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