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Ekaterina Postovalova from Kurgan, Siberia, Russia worked for us the summer of 2004.  She preferred to be called Kate even though her Russian nickname is Katya.  She was participating in the "Work & Travel USA program.  We apparently  have made a list after hiring Katya in 2003, as we had many inquiries for summer employment from the Kurgan region as well as other parts of Russia.  Kate was a student at the University majoring in English, and she only lived about a quarter mile from Marina who worked for us in 2005 and about a mile from Katya who was the first to work for us in 2003.  Even though Kate, then age 19, was about the same age as Marina, 20, they had never met until they were here.  We had already planned the trip to Russia to visit Katya and Marina when Kate contacted us and accepted the offer to work here, so Kate was added to the list of people to see in Kurgan.  We had the privilege to meet her mom, dad, and grandmother a month before she came to the USA.  After working the summer of 2004 at Deepwater Bay B&B, she returned home to study at the University.  The next August (2005) she came back to the USA to work for a year as a nanny in New Jersey, and last summer (August 2006) she returned home to continue her education .  Ronna and I visited Kate and her family at the beginning of the new year 2012.  We met Kate's fiance', Eugene, and they planned to be married in February which was a month after we were there.  They had a little girl in October of 2012 named Eva. 

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Kate's family...Tanya, Kate, Vladimir, Grandma Katya in front... notice table behind them full of Russian cuisine that Tanya fixed for us



We surprised Kate at the University, as she did not know we were stopping there....this is just outside her classroom where we met her for the first time


Ronna & Arlen in the picture with Kate's family



This is the language building of the University in Kurgan.... the different departments of the University are in different parts of the city so not a campus situation


Kate's first days at the Pleasant Acres Ranch.... she was very adept at driving even though she didn't know how to drive when she came



We just finished planting flowers at the driveway sign


Kate and Marina loved to drive the 4-wheeler and Katya, our first girl, did not care for it at all


Checking out the cab of a tractor....she did not have a chance to drive this as it is used mostly during spring's work



She was very proficient at making "pelmeni"....kind of a Russian ravioli, it has a flour dough wrapped around meat or sausage...then boiled in water



Ronna watches  her make the little flying saucer shaped balls, as there is kind of a trick to it


All done and ready to boil it...it is very tasty and made throughout Russia



Lucky giving her a kiss....Kate likes all animals as you will find in the following pictures





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Everyone gets to go to the White Shield Powwow if they are here the second week of July



This is Lowe's Greenhouse where we bought some bedding plants for the many flower beds at the Ranch


No...she is not walking or sitting on water, but in a fishing boat....just thought this was a neat picture with the shoreline in the background



And here she is really driving the boat...she loved to catch walleyes but refused to bait the hook with night crawlers or leeches....just like Marina


John from Omaha giving Kate a lesson on filleting walleyes with an electric knife



Just finished making a sign to put out on the highway to notify cyclists that there was a rest stop coming up for the 500 riders who would be on the first leg of ND's weeklong annual bike ride


Showing her ND driver's license which she easily passed, even though she had hardly touched a steering wheel before coming here



She drove a lot of the way when we went to St. Louis to get Marina in August, and then helped drive to Montana to visit Arlen's relatives in Havre where this car was parked in the motel parking lot


Dinosaur Field Station in the background in Montana....different places in Western ND and Montana have prehistoric remains



Kate and Marina by a fountain at the motel in Havre, MT


The young~~~~We had a litter of Yellow Lab puppies while Kate was here...this one is only a couple days old








The old~~~~this is Bo who is quite old here....Marina took this picture and I inserted it here to show what a majestic animal these puppies grow into


At the ND State Fair in Minot in front of a replica of a fur trapper's cabin



A live scarecrow on stilts pats Kate on the head at the ND State Fair


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We actually got the pontoon in the water a couple times.... Ronna & Kate are fishing while our Niece, Jen, is reading.... grilled some burgers, caught some fish and had a great day



Saddled up and ready for a trail ride at the Pierce Ranch where we rent grazing land for our cows



Marina, Ronna, and Kate heading home


Now it is time to care for your mount when you are done riding



Horses chatting....shall we buck them off now??


This giant Holstein cow is easily seen from interstate 94 about 40 miles west of Bismarck, ND at a town called, New Salem.  Marina and Kate hanging on her tail



See how cute these puppies are a couple weeks after they fit in one hand


Kate and Marina out on the rocks (riprap to keep the waves from eroding the shoreline) by the intake house for the generating turbines at the Garrison Dam



Two Russians on the Garrison Dam...and a road up on top... the largest earth filled dam in the world which backs the Missouri River waters up for 160 miles


With another of her friends....Snickers awake and Kate asleep



Now Snickers is asleep and Kate is awake but can't move without waking Snickers


Marina brought this puzzle from Russia for Ronna's birthday...it was quite difficult, but Kate had a real aptitude for puzzles and put many of the 1000 pieces together



September campfire in our campground....Kate eats a "smore" while Ronna and Marina are making another



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Kate sitting by Arlen at the monument for the geographical center of North America at Rugby, ND on the way to the International Peace Gardens on the Canadian border



Kate & Marina by one of the many flower beds at the Peace Gardens


At the USA/Canada border.... Kate in Canada on the right and Marina in the USA on the left



Ronna taught Kate to wheat weave and here she shows a plaited triple heart that she made


Here she is weaving around a rope which is a different style of weaving that can be made into wreaths, horseshoes, hearts, etc.



Some of the plaited pieces they made


In the tourist town of Medora, ND  with Arlen



On the hill above the Medora Musical amphitheatre with the Badlands in the background


Kate, Arlen, Ronna, and Marina



Looks like we are early for the Musical....Kate has just bought this sweater jacket here in the souvenir shop


Getting things ready to pack for the trip home to Russia...notice the bags of maple nut goodies, boxes of hot tamales, and red licorice



In West Fargo on her way to the Minneapolis airport...Kate with Lucky, Arlen with a little lab, Ronna with Snickers and Ronna's family in the back



Between Arlen & Ronna again just like the picture at her school at the top of this page...but lots of new experiences since then.




As mentioned at the top of this page, we visited Kate's family and met her fiance' over the new year, December 2011 and January 2012.  She has since married and they had a little girl in October of 2012 named Eva. 

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Kate's fiance', Eugene, her mom, Tanya, and her dad, Vladimir



Ronna and Arlen with Kate's family.....always a fine display of food there even on a very short notice


Eugene and Kate.....he works for the militsia (police department)



We wish them much happiness and success


Eugene, Arlen, Kate, and Ronna



Marina went with us to Russia to visit her family and also interpret for us, and this is Marina, Arlen, Ronna, and Kate....taken at Kate's parent's home


Eva in late fall of 2012


Eva in the first part of 2013


Kate and Eugene at the city center where there are lots of outdoor festivities during the multi-day New Year's celebration even though the temperatures can be minus 20 farenheit~~~notice the large ice sculpture in the background with 2012 on top


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