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This set of photographs was taken in the middle of October, 2002, by one of our guests, Monika Wood (Moni), while accompanying her husband Keith who was pursuing the elusive ringneck rooster with some success.  All photos are taken within walking distance of our ranch, and attest not only to her accomplished eye and technical ability as a photographer, but also to the beauty of the area surrounding the ranch.  The photo above has captured the beautiful hues of the different colored vegetation by this woodplot just west of the ranch.

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Majestic View to the Southwest from hilltop in our pasture...usually the whole bottom is water

Rolling Prairies

View to NW from south side of bay...dry lake bottom in daylight

Hunting pheasants on the lake bottom

Buffalo Berry Patch.... looking for grouse.  Saddle Butte, a state landmark, is 7 miles away in background...taken from pasture on north side of the bay

Hunting the big pasture

Keith in the field....ranch across bay to the south

Pleasant Acres Ranch a mile to the south

Dry lake bottom NW of ranch....east end of Deepwater Bay is temporarily Deepwater Creek...wonderful habitat for all types of wildlife and birds

Keith and Rosie having a chat

Still talking....different setting

"ROSIE, COME!!"...Moni calls Rosie and gets the shot

The flowers at the sign are gone for another year, but fall colors still make for eye appeal

A special thanks to Monika Wood for sharing these photos

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