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The Paul Broste Rock Museum located in Parshall, ND, fifteen miles north of Deepwater Bay B&B houses one man's collection of rocks and mineral specimens from all over the world, collected mostly in the first half of the last century.  Many of the beautiful pieces were collected locally and cut by Paul into spheres, squares, slices, etc. Walt Disney was trying to buy this collection at the time he built Disney World in Florida to use as one of his displays.  The collection was in Paul's farmhouse south of Parshall at that time, and as the community did not want this magnificent collection to leave the area, they helped Paul build a museum out of ND field rock to house it.  Paul passed away a few years ago, but the museum will stand for a long time commemorating his life's work.


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Katya from Russia and Ronna at the entrance



This sphere tree is in a room lined with mirrors called the "infinity room" as you can never see the end of anything here


Many of the pieces are very valuable and the Smithsonian would love to have them



Lots of Ronnas, Katyas, and Kathys in the infinity room





Native American Powwows

There are at least three different Powwows within twenty or thirty miles of Deepwater Bay B&B in July and August.  These are usually three day events over weekends, and natives from all over the upper Midwest and Western United States get together to commemorate their culture.  Native cuisine is available, and dance competitions, singer/drum group competitions, and memorial services for loved ones all take place here. 


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There are many types of dances with most dancers wearing colorful costumes



There are different singing groups around the perimeter of the dancing ground, and they take turns providing the singing and drum beat while judges rate their performance as well as the dancer's


This performer has stayed at our B&B the past two years while competing at the White Shield Powwow in the fancy dancer competition



This is the back of his costume which is more elaborate than the regular dance competitor's...he is a teacher from Wyoming when he isn't dancing






The Garrison Dam was built in the late 40's backing up the Missouri River for 150 miles creating Lake Sakakawea which has more shoreline than the coast of California.  It has developed into a tremendous walleye fishery, and when the lake is full you can almost throw a rock into it from Deepwater Bay B&B.  Pictured below is an area about ten miles south of Deepwater B&B.  Some of our pasture is close to this area, and you can see that this is horse country, as 4-wheelers wouldn't be much help in here.

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This is the west side of the Garrison Dam... notice the huge rocks used for riprapping the north side to protect it from wave erosion.  The dam is one of the largest earth filled dams in the world



This photo is taken from the same location, but shooting more north to show the manmade lake and part of the intake house where water starts its journey to the generating turbines in the power house on the other side of the dam.  Also on the rocks in both pictures are Kate and Marina from Russia


This is a new bridge west of New Town, about 35 miles from Deepwater B&B.  It was just finished a couple years ago and is the only crossing of the Missouri River System in the 150 mile stretch between the dam at Riverdale and the northwest end of the lake at Williston



Ronna caught this tagged 7 pound walleye a couple years ago....we just took pictures and released it, as we prefer to eat smaller ones


These earth lodges are close to the bridge on the west side of the lake, and they were built in the summer of 2006 for the Lewis & Clark Celebration



Inside of an earth lodge it is really quite roomy and still cozy, although the beds look a little hard





 From the bridge above, you drive another 50 or 60 miles southwest and you will be in some of the most beautiful terrain of the Badlands.  Theodore Roosevelt fell in love with this country and he ranched here.  There are two separate units of the park, and Katya from Russia is standing by a sign for the South Unit close to Medora.  The rest of the pictures below are from the North Unit, and were taken by a guest, Vik, who stayed with us a couple years ago.


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This vast, beautiful landscape includes the Little Missouri River



Buffalo are plentiful and unpredictable, so hikers and cyclists should be very careful


The close-up of the eroded clay buttes is very intriguing and beautiful



Buffalo and magnificent buttes


There are lots of prairie dogs which are like a large gopher, and this is a "prairie dog town"



You can get quite close as they are not very scared




Fifty miles south of the North Unit of the park is the South Unit which surrounds the tourist town of Medora.  In the late 1800's a French Marquee started building a beef packing plant here which burned down before it got going.  His wife was named Medora, and he built her a house called "The Chateau de Mores" which is now a museum showing the lifestyle of the late 1800's in the Badlands of ND.  That was the original tourist draw for Medora.  A nightly musical was developed in an outdoor amphitheatre many years ago which became a became a very professional production playing nightly from about June 10 through Labor Day.  The whole "Medora" experience is now the featured tourist attraction of ND in the summer.


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A long way down to the seats....two escalators, one above the other only takes you to the top of the seats



This is just a shot of part of the seats, so they are able to entertain large crowds and all the seats are good....also has a tremendous sound system


Katya, Ronna, and Arlen with the stage and Badlands beyond



The props roll off to each side for parts of the show giving one a great view of the Badlands


The climate is semi arid and they seldom have rainouts




 Go 75 miles northeast from Deepwater Bay B&B and you will end up in Minot, ND which was established as a railroad town in the late 1800's.  Now it serves an agricultural center for at least a 75 mile radius.  It is the home of the ND State Fair which is a weeklong event the end of July, and it also has one of the best zoos between Minneapolis and Seattle.  In October, Minot hosts one of the the top events of the year in the United States, a weeklong "Hostfest" with top entertainment and all aspects of Scandinavian culture each day.

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One of the free shows at the ND State Fair in 2004... an animal trainer working with some huge colorful tigers


Rodeo at night at the State Fair...pickup men on horses waiting to help the saddle bronc rider who will come out of the chutes below the banner


Marina and Kate, both from Russia, with Arlen at the entrance to the zoo...it is rumored that they were going to have him committed here



Camel playing for the camera


Marina, Ronna, and Kate on a little merry-go-round....not sure who should be committed here??



Kate seeing what it is like to be a lion with a cub





Rugby, ND, 60 miles east of Minot is the geographical center of North America.  Kate from Russia sits in front of the marker.  This is right on the way to the Peace Gardens from Deepwater B&B





On the Canadian border north of Rugby, ND is the International Peace Gardens  which commemorates the peace that has existed between the USA and Canada since their existence.  There are usually very beautiful, intricate flower beds depending on the environmental conditions and time of the year. 

The border goes right down the center and through the towers

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It is quite a large plot and you will get some good exercise walking



Marina and Katya by a flower bed....we didn't think to have them take their passports along not realizing this is out of the USA, so it was a bit of a challenge getting these "Russians" through customs


The towers at the west end



Marina and Kate right on the border.....Marina in the USA and Kate in Canada


This is in a chapel at the west end....Kate and Marina holding the Maple Leaf (Canadian flag)



Here they are holding the Stars and Stripes (American flag)




One of the bonuses of getting away from the "city lights" is the opportunity to witness some fantastic nighttime displays of the constellations, and the awesome brilliant "star power" in the skies that many never have a chance to see.  We have often seen some wonderful displays of the Northern Lights, both summer and winter.  Below are a couple photos taken from the north deck of our house on December 14, 2006 at 10:30 PM. 

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